Friday, 12 February 2010

i am back :)

Hell-o visitors ,I’ve done the tests perfectly . Thx God. Now I’ll tell you everything about my day

First ,as you know today is a day before valentine. And I have no plan yet. Beside ,I don’t have a boy ,ahe . Yeah we’re broke up, I was sad yesterday but now I’m soooo okay! I have enough best friends. No need to waste my tears just for it. Maybe he's just not good for me.

Second ,I am sick now :( that's why i should go home earlier. Thanks for my EC friends ,especially Naissa Cha2 Bertha Fikri Iwan. they gave me a seat to lie down. And for my very-faithful-friend who stayed next to me until I feel better ,Dinda ,thank you ,i love you. For Indah and Coksri also ,they're both wishing me get well soon.

that's all for today :) thanks

Saturday, 6 February 2010

exam is waiting !

hell-o blogwalker :)
tomorrow i'll have some tests sooooooo i can't update this blog for a while (sorry) :(
after it finish ,i will tell you everything that i did
well ,tomorrow the subject is social ,especially history
it's so hard ! i'm cant remember that all dates , year ,name , event, and stuff
i have to study from now ,thx for visiting my blog :D

Monday, 1 February 2010

1st February ,2010

can't you see this date ?
it is >> o1o22o1o
cute ,huh ?
just like a mirror :D
i ♥ this date
today ,my beloved father is celebrating his birthday !
i'm wishing him bless and success ,always care for this family
we're all loving you papa

this chick is my most stylish friend at all
she always have a new cool stuff to wear
i reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally ♥ her style
she's smart too !
maybe every models (or someone into fashion) don't have a smart brain (they just think about "How To Get That Prada Purse This Weekend" and stuff but she's different !)
that's why she's on A class now
everybody loves her ,including me
she's so sincere and to the point ,if she don't like what is A (example) talking bout ,she'll say it loud
she hates hypocrite people
oh, yes, she's a good photographer tooooo :)
I AM SO IN ♥ W/ THIS GIRL, go follow her now @ twitter!


She’s my sit mate . She’s so in love with her senior ,so she keep telling me everything they did .
in this case ,I am her second diary (after her playmates ,she doesn’t write diary)

Haha :D It’s great to be anybody’s diary ,just like.. umm. they trusted in me

But sometimes ,she’s annoying w/ her stories that always come every single minute (okay this one is exaggerating ,but the point is ,there will be minimum one story about her love everyday!) ,and it disturbs me to keep concentrate w/ the lessons.

I know it is normal so i'll try to understand it :)

And ,hey , she's not that bad. She is actually kind ,and she often makes me laugh w/ her humor sense.