Saturday, 18 May 2013

Throwback Junior High

Hello! Just skip to the main thing I'd like to say.
I miss my junior high friends a loooottttt!
I just got home from Bagus Surya's birthday party, my three years class mate at junior high, and there I met some of my former classmates! Though some of the girls couldn't come (only Cok Sri, Ivy, and Nadya did), it was still fun! 
There were Aga, Oming, Baput, Dharma, Nadya, Bara, Gungde, Nadya, Yoszy, Coksri, and Ivy.. and Bagus Surya of course, but he was so busy with every guests who came, I didn't mind tho. He still talked to us at the end of the party. Happy birthday to you again, gus, thanks for the treat :D
There were also Dinda and Laras who sat close to us and they were making the conversation even more fun. Although it was not even a half from my class, but these people already represent the exciting three years we had. We missed Adhi, one of the funniest person at class, I'm sure it would be so much better with him! His jokes are always funny, always.
I haven't heard anything from Haniffa, idk maybe she's busy. Like super busy, she never came to any of our class events, or birthday parties.
I enjoyed last night so much. Too bad I always forgot my camera :( These moments really need to be captured. Hope to see them all soon!<3 div="">

Great things in Life

The first thing that came up from my mind was: why does it so hard to upload a picture? It's like you have to download an app (Google+) but then after I did and I made an account, I just don't understand how to unable the instant upload. When there's a sign said click here to enable instant upload, I clicked and nothing happened. Am I the only one who think about how hard it is to use instant upload and the other stuff?
I also tried the link part but I failed. Man, this is the picture I was trying to upload (

Soooooo these are all gorgeous thing i found attractive<3 p="">1. Daisy Perfume from Marc Jacobs. My mom use this but after she got a new fragrance she allowed me use it even more, I guess I can claim it mine too lol. I just need to put it inside my mom's room to keep it from breaking (if i put it inside my messy room)
2. Yoga! Loooove every single move and every style.
3. Posie Tint from Benefit! This gorgeous lip stain gives a lasting pink color on your lips. It's not too pigmented so I love this. Also come in orange color (cha cha tint) and red (benetint).
4. Victoria's Secret on the go makeup kit. Soooo cute, there are four optional and a little box for you to place one of the optional bar, and bring it everywhere. Very useful! I found it on Instagram and it costs about Rp. 525.000,00.
5. Go Tropi Coral makeup from Benefit! awesome color, cute packaging<3 p="">6. Bikini from Summer Chicks, I forgot the type name but I am so in love with the coral one. Super cute, it's Rp 320.000,00, baby I'll get you soon!
7. Leather skirt, and a flowery jumpsuit. I found it on Facebook, an online shop sells it. Not too excited with the jumpsuit, though.
8. Oh La La lipstick from Topshop. I made this pict a few days ago and now I don't really want it anymore, how labileeee, lol.
9. Last but not least!! A lovely RED album by the lovely Taylor Swift! I didn't download all of her songs, on my purpose, so that I'll still be excited when I buy this album! PS: I just couldn't find the right picture for the album, some are blur, and some are only the cover huhu.

Thank you for reading! Sorry if I bore you with this post, xx.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

After all these years..

Hi. It's me again.
Funny how I just noticed that I haven't been writing anything these past three years.
So, things have been doing fine so far, and a lot of things changed in my life. I'm no longer dating my on-and-off first love, yet I met a more caring, and better guy than any of my exs.
And I am almost 17 now! Will be turning 17 in two weeks.
Comparing to other girls, I am not as excited as them, knowing that I'll be 17 soon. I personally don't get why people think it's so special, and it's a once in a lifetime experience; no offense. Well, no one ever been at a certain age twice, am I right? You'll never be 5, or 22 twice in your life, I mean, life goes on, you grow older.
Also if people think that being 17 means you're already mature, I must say that I'm not agree. I even think 17 is one of the most unstable year, one day you might think you have a perfect life but then the  next day you felt like your world fell apart and troubles keep haunting you (not always happen to me tho, it does to mostly people).. I don't think at this age, you're mature enough to deal with it, especially when your emotion keep making things worse.
Your birthday is just the same day with any other days, your family still love you the way they always do and you still have your friends behind your back. You realize that your friend worried about her boyfriend's birthday more than yours...wait now I feel overreacting, she really should have, it's her boyfriend's bday!
I know, all the stuff I just wrote shows that I'm a bit upset now, and these writings really depend on my mood.
If you wonder what I want for present, the material needs, I really don't want anything at this moment besides of long live and health.. (and to win my competition)
Sorry for the nonsense thoughts. Goodnight, xx.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

9 grader so far..

being a 9 grader is a super fun!
is everywhere. fams, and friends of course. your relation with them is becoming much better. someday you'll think,is that because of in less than a year,we'll graduated from jhs and go to different senior high? at 9B, i found out that Haniffa wants to go to 4sma, Amira wants to go back to Jakarta, Rima wants 3sma. We'll separate. So now i always try to make memories :)

17/7/2010 band parade

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

9 grader

awwww it's been so long and i kinda miss this blog♥
so, what happened in last 2 months? i realized i disappeared for about 2 months :o
well, now i'm a 9 grader student :):
what i like: umm, nothing? i mean,idk yet
what i dislike: BUNCH OF TEST, the oldest, FAREWELL.

omg, i am so not ready to be a 9 grader :(
please wish me luck for these year!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

hell yeah, i hate you!

man, i really really hate my (ex)friend. she act like i did it first, well, hell yeah, everyone knows that YOU did it, not me. and you keep mocking me, backstabbing, and all other fvckin stuffs that disturbed me. at first, i tried to not care, but now she's so freakin me out. she said like this "she's in a relationship, but it doesn't look like so. is that useful?" on that time, i was like "hey, what's YOUR problem? this is my life, i can do whatever i want. and.. what did she say? did she talk about relationship? HELL, YOU DONT EVEN BE IN A RELATIONSHIP, biatch. and now you act like you know all about it! argh. get a life!"
so, from now on, i hate her. i hate her so much more than i hate alayers.

Friday, 12 February 2010

i am back :)

Hell-o visitors ,I’ve done the tests perfectly . Thx God. Now I’ll tell you everything about my day

First ,as you know today is a day before valentine. And I have no plan yet. Beside ,I don’t have a boy ,ahe . Yeah we’re broke up, I was sad yesterday but now I’m soooo okay! I have enough best friends. No need to waste my tears just for it. Maybe he's just not good for me.

Second ,I am sick now :( that's why i should go home earlier. Thanks for my EC friends ,especially Naissa Cha2 Bertha Fikri Iwan. they gave me a seat to lie down. And for my very-faithful-friend who stayed next to me until I feel better ,Dinda ,thank you ,i love you. For Indah and Coksri also ,they're both wishing me get well soon.

that's all for today :) thanks