Wednesday, 8 May 2013

After all these years..

Hi. It's me again.
Funny how I just noticed that I haven't been writing anything these past three years.
So, things have been doing fine so far, and a lot of things changed in my life. I'm no longer dating my on-and-off first love, yet I met a more caring, and better guy than any of my exs.
And I am almost 17 now! Will be turning 17 in two weeks.
Comparing to other girls, I am not as excited as them, knowing that I'll be 17 soon. I personally don't get why people think it's so special, and it's a once in a lifetime experience; no offense. Well, no one ever been at a certain age twice, am I right? You'll never be 5, or 22 twice in your life, I mean, life goes on, you grow older.
Also if people think that being 17 means you're already mature, I must say that I'm not agree. I even think 17 is one of the most unstable year, one day you might think you have a perfect life but then the  next day you felt like your world fell apart and troubles keep haunting you (not always happen to me tho, it does to mostly people).. I don't think at this age, you're mature enough to deal with it, especially when your emotion keep making things worse.
Your birthday is just the same day with any other days, your family still love you the way they always do and you still have your friends behind your back. You realize that your friend worried about her boyfriend's birthday more than yours...wait now I feel overreacting, she really should have, it's her boyfriend's bday!
I know, all the stuff I just wrote shows that I'm a bit upset now, and these writings really depend on my mood.
If you wonder what I want for present, the material needs, I really don't want anything at this moment besides of long live and health.. (and to win my competition)
Sorry for the nonsense thoughts. Goodnight, xx.


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