Saturday, 18 May 2013

Great things in Life

The first thing that came up from my mind was: why does it so hard to upload a picture? It's like you have to download an app (Google+) but then after I did and I made an account, I just don't understand how to unable the instant upload. When there's a sign said click here to enable instant upload, I clicked and nothing happened. Am I the only one who think about how hard it is to use instant upload and the other stuff?
I also tried the link part but I failed. Man, this is the picture I was trying to upload (

Soooooo these are all gorgeous thing i found attractive<3 p="">1. Daisy Perfume from Marc Jacobs. My mom use this but after she got a new fragrance she allowed me use it even more, I guess I can claim it mine too lol. I just need to put it inside my mom's room to keep it from breaking (if i put it inside my messy room)
2. Yoga! Loooove every single move and every style.
3. Posie Tint from Benefit! This gorgeous lip stain gives a lasting pink color on your lips. It's not too pigmented so I love this. Also come in orange color (cha cha tint) and red (benetint).
4. Victoria's Secret on the go makeup kit. Soooo cute, there are four optional and a little box for you to place one of the optional bar, and bring it everywhere. Very useful! I found it on Instagram and it costs about Rp. 525.000,00.
5. Go Tropi Coral makeup from Benefit! awesome color, cute packaging<3 p="">6. Bikini from Summer Chicks, I forgot the type name but I am so in love with the coral one. Super cute, it's Rp 320.000,00, baby I'll get you soon!
7. Leather skirt, and a flowery jumpsuit. I found it on Facebook, an online shop sells it. Not too excited with the jumpsuit, though.
8. Oh La La lipstick from Topshop. I made this pict a few days ago and now I don't really want it anymore, how labileeee, lol.
9. Last but not least!! A lovely RED album by the lovely Taylor Swift! I didn't download all of her songs, on my purpose, so that I'll still be excited when I buy this album! PS: I just couldn't find the right picture for the album, some are blur, and some are only the cover huhu.

Thank you for reading! Sorry if I bore you with this post, xx.


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