Saturday, 18 May 2013

Throwback Junior High

Hello! Just skip to the main thing I'd like to say.
I miss my junior high friends a loooottttt!
I just got home from Bagus Surya's birthday party, my three years class mate at junior high, and there I met some of my former classmates! Though some of the girls couldn't come (only Cok Sri, Ivy, and Nadya did), it was still fun! 
There were Aga, Oming, Baput, Dharma, Nadya, Bara, Gungde, Nadya, Yoszy, Coksri, and Ivy.. and Bagus Surya of course, but he was so busy with every guests who came, I didn't mind tho. He still talked to us at the end of the party. Happy birthday to you again, gus, thanks for the treat :D
There were also Dinda and Laras who sat close to us and they were making the conversation even more fun. Although it was not even a half from my class, but these people already represent the exciting three years we had. We missed Adhi, one of the funniest person at class, I'm sure it would be so much better with him! His jokes are always funny, always.
I haven't heard anything from Haniffa, idk maybe she's busy. Like super busy, she never came to any of our class events, or birthday parties.
I enjoyed last night so much. Too bad I always forgot my camera :( These moments really need to be captured. Hope to see them all soon!<3 div="">


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