Friday, 12 February 2010

i am back :)

Hell-o visitors ,I’ve done the tests perfectly . Thx God. Now I’ll tell you everything about my day

First ,as you know today is a day before valentine. And I have no plan yet. Beside ,I don’t have a boy ,ahe . Yeah we’re broke up, I was sad yesterday but now I’m soooo okay! I have enough best friends. No need to waste my tears just for it. Maybe he's just not good for me.

Second ,I am sick now :( that's why i should go home earlier. Thanks for my EC friends ,especially Naissa Cha2 Bertha Fikri Iwan. they gave me a seat to lie down. And for my very-faithful-friend who stayed next to me until I feel better ,Dinda ,thank you ,i love you. For Indah and Coksri also ,they're both wishing me get well soon.

that's all for today :) thanks


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