Tuesday, 20 April 2010

hell yeah, i hate you!

man, i really really hate my (ex)friend. she act like i did it first, well, hell yeah, everyone knows that YOU did it, not me. and you keep mocking me, backstabbing, and all other fvckin stuffs that disturbed me. at first, i tried to not care, but now she's so freakin me out. she said like this "she's in a relationship, but it doesn't look like so. is that useful?" on that time, i was like "hey, what's YOUR problem? this is my life, i can do whatever i want. and.. what did she say? did she talk about relationship? HELL, YOU DONT EVEN BE IN A RELATIONSHIP, biatch. and now you act like you know all about it! argh. get a life!"
so, from now on, i hate her. i hate her so much more than i hate alayers.


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